Welcome to the WIN Writing Group blog!

Welcome to the WIN Writing Group blog! We hope you enjoy your stay, come back often and are even inspired to meet us in person, at one of our meetings around town. We are relatively new to the WIN family, being just a year old, and continue to grow. For the lowdown on our meetings and the type of writing we focus on, check out our About Us page. For information on WIN, check out the About WIN page.

As a writing group, we’re all about writing, writers and encouraging our fellow scribes to not only write more, but to write better and to challenge ourselves. Our group is decidedly low-key, and we welcome anyone to join us, at all or just a few of our meetings. You don’t have to share anything – you don’t even need to bring a pen and paper, we’ll take care of you – you just need to show up. We’ll take it from there, and you can share whenever you’re ready. What do we do at our meetings? We begin with a quick icebreaker, then do a free write session (usually about 5-10 minutes), then read and workshop a piece that has been submitted beforehand. We focus on creative nonfiction, and the submissions can be anonymous or open. The choice is with the author. If you have a piece of no more than 5 pages you’d like to submit, email us at writing@winonline.org.

About that writing. Here are some prompts to get you started:

  1. Write about your favorite article of winter clothing.  When did you get it, and where, and what do you like about it, and when have you used it?
  2. Think back over the weekend and record, in as much detail as possible, the most interesting conversation you can remember having.
  3. Set a timer to 10 minutes and free write a response to this ee cummings poem.

who are you,little i

(five or six years old)
peering from some high

window;at the gold

of november sunset

(and feeling:that if day
has to become night

this is a beautiful way)

Do you have suggestions for writing prompts? Tips to share? Let us know! writing@winonline.org

Happy Writing!


About WIN Writing Group

WIN Writing Group is a network within the Women's Information Network (WIN), Washington's premier professional, political, and social network dedicated to empowering young, pro-choice, Democratic women. From this organization, our writing group was formed to give WIN members a community in which to write. We focus on creative nonfiction, which is defined as any writing that is intended to be read as true.
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