Save These Dates!

What are you doing this Wednesday? Writing? Do it with us! Join us for our latest meeting on May 2 at Bread and Brew, at 7pm. Get the details about this and our upcoming meetings, as well as contest deadlines, at our calendar.

Week of WIN is coming! If you’re new win, fell of the wagon for a bit, or simply looking for good programming, check out all the amazing events, including another Writing Group meeting, but this time during lunch. Check out the Week of WIN (or #WoW if you tweet) calendar here.

Now let’s look down the road a bit. You know you’re working on something. We could all use an extra $50,000. So why not apply for the A Room of Her Own Gift of Freedom Award? First prize is $50,000! The other finalists receive $5000 and eligibility to attend a future writing retreat. Now this deadline is pretty far, so if you need an earlier deadline to get you started, consider the AROHO Orlando writing contest.

Want more contests? Aren’t you ambitious? Check these out.

Also, stay tuned for our details Women Opening Doors for Women event! WODW takes place June 14, so mark your calendars now!

Now check this out because it’s funny.

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About Colleen Eliza

I'm a feminist, a progressive activist, a writer, and most importantly, a huge fan of my dog. She's the very best.
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