Hey Girl, I Really Dig Your Blog

Coming Soon! To a DC Dinner Table Near You:
Hey Girl, I Like What You Have to Say: How to Run a Successful Blog

This June 14, WIN will host its annual signature event: Women Opening Doors for Women. It’s a great event that feeds you not just literally, but with networking and amazing topics – like how to start and run a successful blog.

That’s right, this year your beloved Writing Group will host a dinner on blogging.

Looking to enter the blogosphere for the first time, or reinvigorate a blog in the lurch? Unsure what platform is the best fit for you? Just how frequently do you have to post, how specific does your topic have to be, and how do you get followers who will keep coming back? Join the Writing Group and a panel of successful bloggers in answering these questions and more. Learn how to set up and maintain a successful blog that rises above the fray and gets you noticed, and leave ready to get your voice heard.

Our Speakers Include:
Abigail Collazo: Project Manager at Turner Strategies and Editor at Fem 2pt0
Jessica Garson: National Voterfile Manager at ISSI Data, and blogger at http://iamyourjoeyramone.com
Sarah Granger: Founder, Center for Technology, Media & Society
Margie Omero, President and founder of Momentum Analysis, and Huffington Post/pollster.com blogger

You don’t want to miss this event. Get your tickets today!


About Colleen Eliza

I'm a feminist, a progressive activist, a writer, and most importantly, a huge fan of my dog. She's the very best.
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