Ain’t No Party Like a Writing Group Party!

Save the date!

From 7-9pm on Tuesday, July 31st, we will host the ultimate writing group meeting at the Mt Pleasant Tonic (3155 Mount Pleasant St, between Kenyon and Lamont).

We will be getting down in our typical Writing Group way, doing a freewrite and workshopping a piece, from 7-8pm. If you’ve been looking for a creative outlet in your life, or a way to get back into writing, now’s your moment! Anyone is welcome, all ages, all backgrounds – and if you have a piece you’d like workshopped, send it to us at

Then, from 8-9pm, we’ll segue to our end-of-[fiscal]-year extravaganza! Suffice to say, there will be a bar tab, tacos aplenty ($.50 tacos – beef and bean – from 8-11), and raffle prizes.

That’s right – cheap eats, free drinks, and the shot at a sweet prize!

So if you’ve been waiting to come to a writing group meeting, let this be your incentive!

See you on the 31st,

Gwen & Colleen
Writing Group Co-Chairs

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About Colleen Eliza

I'm a feminist, a progressive activist, a writer, and most importantly, a huge fan of my dog. She's the very best.
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