So, What Exactly Happens at These Meetings?

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The meetings are informal and facilitated by one of the Network Chairs. Each meeting begins with an icebreaker, followed by a 5-10 minute free write on a given prompt. Members are invited to read what they’ve written as a casual exercise for the group and just for fun. Then a Network Chair will distribute the discussion piece for the evening, and the group will read the piece aloud and discuss in an open workshop format for about 30 minutes.

How often does WG meet?
The WIN Writing Group meets every other Tuesday at 7pm (unless announced otherwise on the WIN list) for about an hour.

Where does WG meet?
We rotate through different cafes, bars, and parts of the city. Have a suggestion for a meeting spot? Let us know your favorite.

Who should attend?
Anyone is welcome – no requirements in gender, age, writing background, publishing experience, etc. Our group is a community, so come prepared for an honest but constructive discussion in a safe space. There is no commitment necessary – come once, come back in 6 months, you’re always welcome.

What to bring:
Nothing. A Network Chair will provide paper and pens to those who do not have their own notebooks, as well as copies of the discussion piece.

Each meeting’s discussion piece has been submitted by a group member. All members are encouraged to submit pieces and can chose to do so anonymously if they prefer. Submissions should be 5 pages or less of creative nonfiction writing. Submit pieces to the Network Chairs at, who will schedule pieces for each meeting, maintain the author’s anonymity if requested, and collect hard copies of the piece with members’ notes for the author’s reference.

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